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Wild package appeared! :O

In other words, Nef got mail. :D And from qubeley, too! Have hope! :D

EDIT! I have received word from home that my Bell Plushies and such have arrived from Sunyshore! My brother unpacked everything over the phone for me. I can't wait to get them on Friday! :D Expect posting when I do. Also, he said the items were very well wrapped and that the package was cute. n_n Thanks Gin! :D

Also! My Amity Square Pokemon Painting Auction ends at midnight EST. If anyone is interested. n_n;

Clear Munchlax Attack Kid from jaxtoys , Pikachu Atusmete! Happy Mascot and Atsumete Keychain from juumou, and *drum roll please* My Munchlax Pokedoll and Darkrai Tomy from qubeley087! He also threw in a Dialga Tomy, I guess to make up for all the confusion.

Speaking of qubeley, I feel he has done more than make up for all the confusion/nervousness surrounding his post. I would probably purchase from him again, but it seemed to me that his post was a one-time kinda thing. I have of course withdrawn my paypal claim. I can only hope everyone else who ordered from him ends up as happy as me. :)

Munchlax is my first Pokedoll! :D I loves him <3 The Tomys are my first since back in the day, and they are just as awesome as always. Munchlax kid is my first clear too! :D What a bunch of firsts! :D

The Pikachu mascot is so awesome. <3 And tiny and adorable too! :D The keyring is now making my wallet fancy. :3

Look at my Munchlax. :D His feets are different sizes. <3 I think he has a Snorlax foot by accident. xD <3 <3 <3

Figures! :D Munchlax kid got cut off somehow. ._.

<3 <3 <3 He is so happy <3

Better picture of the stuff from juumou! I love Pikachu's leaf umbrella. It reminds me of Totoro. :D

Itty bitty Pika Committee! :D

All the pictures were taken with my cell phone because I am impatient. ;_; Also hungry. xD And I keep hearing the AIM noise in my head. ;_;
Tags: collection, darkrai, dialga, munchlax, pikachu
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