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sales -reduced prices on everything!

Just a couple days before I leave, so I've dramatically reduced the prices on everything! I need all of this gone!

please read the rules before commenting:

-I live in Canada, but will cross the border and ship from the US (the return address will be blackfruitbat's, so if anything happens, it will be sent back to her!).

-pkmncollectors feedback here

-Priority goes to straight sales/ people that want the whole lot, etc.

-Payment is due within 24 hours. If you ask for a quote, but decide that it is too much, please let me know so I can offer it to the next person interested. If I do not get a response within 24 hours, it gets passed to the next person.

-I am not responsible for anything that goes lost in the mail. Purchases going within the US will have an option of adding a tracking # for an extra dollar which will be noted at the end of every quote. Please inquire if you are interested in tracking for Canadian/ other international packages.

-payment plans are ok!

-Sales permission from dakajojo October 2010

Pikachu, poliwhirl, & chansey stamp set - $4

Pichu & chikorita stamps - both for $2

rare pokemon calender pages from 1998-1999! ALL FOR $10
(does not include mew, slowbro, vulpix, surfing pikachu & xmas chu)

Mew castle zukan - $15

misc lot - $10
includes: Pikachu bank (is supposed to light up & talk when a coin is put in), talking pikachu toy from McD's, a pika toy that creates sparks when you roll it, & various kids, etc

Mawile lot (unknown figure + zukan piece) - $8

Gengar lot (scultpture by foureyedalien, jakks figure, ball that speaks when you hit it, squishy thing, & clip) - $15

Lot of movie 5 stampers - $10

Mew postcard - $2 (hold)

bookmark set - $4

large plusle & minun diorama - $5

Mini pikachus (middle & right only) - free with purchase

Meowth, piplup & eevee - all 3 for $5

All four pikachus - $10

Bonsly lot (all three - pokedoll, banpresto x2, one NWT) - $10

Jakks plush lot (MWT buneary, oddish, MWT pachi) - $10

Legendary birds set - $80 for all three

Medium sized pokedolls (larger than regular pokedolls, but smaller than the DX)
Shimmery medium pachi pokedoll - $16

Gengar pokedoll minky - $22
Spiritomb pokedoll minky - $25

Mew DX - $50
Mew plush keychain -$2 (right foot is missing details)

Mew plushies
2x loved condition - $6
1x new condition - $12

pika & marill on a log plush (no tush tag) - $5

Very large charmander plush (tail is supposed to light up or something, but no batteries) - $6

MWT zoroark pokedoll - $12

Petilil pokecen plush NWT - $6

Pikachu plushplush
Left (tush tag only) - $125 OBO

Tepig jakks plush MWT - $6

DX shimmery ho-oh - $10 ON HOLD

Jirachi DX pokepark pokedoll - $130 OBO

MWT tepig pokedoll - $16

Darkrai pokedoll (japanese, minky) - $8

Munchlax pokedoll (japanese, velboa) - $7

MWT croagunk tomy plush (made of minky!) - $9

zorua tomy plush - $8
large skymin plush - $6

Large latios figure (I somehow ended up with two!) - $3
does not have the blue base

DVD lot - $10
(DVDs in left pic are legit, right pic are copies I got off craigslist & will be included in the lot for free)
also includes manaphy copy & lucario copy not pictured


I also have this guy for sale! Almost forgot about it @_@
Wailord poketime pillow is mint condition with both tags! after the exchange rate, I paid around $95 cad for it, so I'm selling it for $100 OBO

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