purifymst93 (purifymst93) wrote in pkmncollectors,

First Pokemon Collection Post!!

Hey Everyone!
So this is my first post showing my collection!
Here's the link to the images:
I'm super excited to show off my small collection. My favorite Pokemon as of right now are 1. Espeon 2. Charizard 3. Rhydon 4. Gengar! I'm gonna try and collect more Rhydon stuff and my awesome girlfriend kriscarmi has basically created my whole collection through gifts! I'm gonna show all of my figures right now and then when I come home for break I'll how off my card collection :)

First up: Charizard collection!

It's not too big but its growing! I got all of these from kriscarmi and she even made the bead sprite in the back for me! I love the plush and I especially love the tiny charizard kid/figures. I love little figures of pokemon!

I also especially love the Charmander in the plastic case :D


Next Pokemon: Espeon!

I used to love charizard but Espeon has kind of taken his place because she is sooo cool, I've always liked psychic but Espeon is better than all of them. I love cats so I would love to have an Espeon!

It's pretty small as of now but I'll make it bigger, sadly Espeon is more expensive to collect :/ but I really love the plush that I have :)


Next Up: Gengar!

I love Gengar because his moveset is so freakin awesome and he's just super cool all the time :) I have only a couple things of him but I still love him

I'll be trying to collect more of him also :)

Annnd now for the whole thing! I only have one Rhydon card but I plan on getting more figures and stuff of him. So enjoy the rest of my collection and tell me what you think! (I also have some random figures from anime that I like that I keep with them :P )

Its a tad blurry :/


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