Kame°saurus (3kame) wrote in pkmncollectors,

yay Blastoise!

Times are good in Turtle Land for having some turtley gets! :) I don't usually post about this kind of thing, but I am so happy and mellow due to the below find today!

I found this cool Toy factory Turtwig plush at the Thrift store for $2.98!!
And this awesome Kamex/Blastoise handkerchief for $.98!! It has a little sticker in the corner which says SHOPRO 4, does anyone know anything else about it??

This is my awesome Blastoise disc which came in the mail a little while ago, I really like it!! :)

These are the dioramas (I think I BIN'd in an auction) I got a while ago. I was gonna leave them sealed in the boxes but decided to put them together - SO MUCH AWESOME!! Nidoking AND Blastoise kicking butt!! I think Blastoise will lose to Dragonite, but Nidoking should beat Zapdos... then I think Nidoking can take Dragonite... I mean who doesn't have Toxic on their Nidoking?! Couple of potions and some slashes, Nidoking has it in the bag!

I got some other stuff recently, but they weren't like OMFG stuff. ^___^ I'll wait to update my Turtle Charms pics until Wave 5 brings my Tirtouga/Carracosta ♥.

Anyone who was in my "Big Penguin GA," the last of the international stuff was shipped Tuesday!

I'm looking for Tropius stuff, not anything too expensive (over $20) since he just recently waddled into a side collection for me. And I always look at turtle Pokemon stuff you may have, the more unusual/rare the better. Thanks!
Tags: blastoise, nidoking, turtwig
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