gallade007 (gallade007) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small (Snivy) wants

Hi there!

I'm still looking for a cool Snivy plush to add to my collection!
The one I REALLY want is the 2012 Sleeping Snivy...I know
they are really hard to get now, but I can still try. ;;

After the sleeping one, I really like the big head/size Banpresto Snivy. You
can see it under the cut. :)

I only like this one (the non-'shiny' version) and I prefer it with tags, but if you have one without we can talk about it. :)

So, if you have these for sale let me know so we can talk about the price! <3

And you can always look at my regular Pokemon wantlist on my journal if you
don't have these Snivy's for sale:

Tags: snivy, wanted
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