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Pokemon Collectors Wiki


So, I took some time today to edit/clean up some parts of the Pokedoll and DX Pokedoll Wiki's. I am by no means an expert, but I added and corrected that which I knew about. Btw, mad props to sui_kune and all the editors who work so hard to keep it up and running!

If there is anyone else out there who knows a thing or two (and is proficient in html) you should stop in and contribute your knowledge. There's sections on figures and other merch too. Do it for all the 'soon to be' collectors, so when they are just starting out they have a resource for up to date information. Every little bit helps. :)

PS. Just since it comes up from time to time, Whiscash is not a
Pokedoll. He is a Pokemon Center Plush. Here is a picture with the hang tag visible.
Photo credit to syunrii.
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