Misselaineous10 (miss10) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small collection update + Secret Valentine gift get!

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is having a good day. I know I am! I got stuff in the mail today! (Warning: Image heavy)

What is it? It's two things. First is...=O

DP MEW KID! The last one I needed to complete my Mew Kid collection (minus the clears, obviously)! But wait, there's another thing...

A clear Mew Kid! Yeah, it's the most common one, but it's a start. =P
I hope to get as many clear Mew Kids as possible. =3

And now a group pic.

So cute! But poor clear Mew Kid, he looks so lonely. Don't worry little guy, I'll try my best to get you some clear buddies like you! <3

And I got my Secret Valentine gift yesterday!

Here's a sneak peek of it. =P

Bigger pic:

I can't believe this was done in marker! IT'S SO PRETTY AND CUTE! Thanks tayran for this lovely little art piece! Oh, and especially for...

DUCKLETT POKEDOLL! But wait a moment, don't I have one already? Well, yes, that is true, except...

American Pokedoll tag! I have the Japanese Ducklett Pokedoll already, so I decided why not put the American release on my wishlist? Lol. Besides the tag difference, this Ducklett was a little derpy-looking. At least, compared to my Japanese one. BUT IT'S STILL SO CUTE AND I LOVE IT SO! <3

Dawwwww...Duckie love~ ^^
And Valentine's Day is coming soon, so I think it's appropriate that my Japanese Ducklett Pokedoll has a new playmate. <3

And that's it! Thanks for reading! =P

Tags: collection, ducklett, kids, mew

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