Para_noidPanda (para_noidpanda) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Long Time No Post Collection Update

This is my 2nd post here, after lurking this comm for about a year haha, but yay!
Just wanted to show my collection and how its been growing and ask you guys what some of your awesome thrift store/craigslist/random place finds have been. I've been getting lucky lately! :3

One of my friend's friends was cleaning out her room and getting rid of alot of her old things. She found these old Pokemon beanies and asked if anyone my friend knew wanted them and she immediately thought of me so she brought them home for me. What an awesome friend! I already had the Meowth and Snorlax, but I love the Mewtwo and the Ivysaur!

I got lucky and found the Jakk's squirtle, one of the Plusle's, both the Pikas, and the mudkip plush at the thrift store by my house! They were super cheap and suprisingly in good condition. Dunno what kind of plush they are though o: And the other Plusle and Minun I found on Craigslist, some lady was selling them as a pair for $5 and I couldn't pass that up. I got the Dewott plush and the Samurott figure at a random Toys r Us after alot of searching.

I also finally found the reversible pokeball Pika at another random Toys R Us after I had been checking for him every week. I wanted him bad haha. Those are some earrings my boyfriend got me for xmas from an etsy seller I think? And a Pokemon coloring book I found at a Japanese Lifestyle store in the mall. The art is super cute and I plan on coloring it all eventually :}

And here's the whole shelf of my collection, excluding big things and some other random things. I got the Oshawott hat at a collectibles expo that happens weekly by my house :3 Its slowly growing to out of control proportions haha. ><

And I had a quick question! Like I said above I was curious about the finds you guys have made at thrift stores, or other random places you wouldn't really expect to find Pokemon stuff. I was super happy to find that Plusle and that Mudkip plush as they are both some of my faves and I collect them :D I'd love to hear your stories about your cool finds.

Thanks guys!~
(PS let me know if something is wrong with my post, I'm still trying to get that part down ><)
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