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C ustom Pokemon Time Eevee + Collection Gets + Commissions (Multipostwww)

I've been wanting to post these for a while, but have been putting it off. However recently I've finallyr eceived my special custom Pokemon Time Eevee Plush!! 


You know you want to see him 8'D
Also all the other custom eeveeloutions that I managed to score, around the end of last summer/beginning of fall.

Also other collection gets is, Pokebox and Emonga! 

;w; PERFECTION AHHHH. She even did the pink paws I requested, since the other eevee I have didn't have that detail. 
However because he was stored in the box, his ears are sort of bent a little funny for now. 

With Mori >3< 

why yes I was that crazy person who bought all three gradually. ;w; forever envious of the ones who got the umbreon and espeon versions 

Necessary detail shot of Mizu ~ 

My background is eating up the pokedolls legs lmaojdgsldg but love them all so much. ; w ; my grail of getting an Eevee Pokemon Time plush is complete. Now to go down the list of other custom grails I'd like xD 

>3< Her work is amazing, and you should check her out

Also! Pokebox!

Did not manage to get the pencil case or mirror charms or other fabulous things from that list *O* but did manage these, and the quality is amazing. I just need more from Pokebox, period <3 

I think the only thing is that...I wish I wasn't currently using a cash book so I could switch over to these since even the inside is nicely colored and detailed .curse me for now studying in chinese school like a good child

And now the final get...is Emonga! The smaller tiny Banpresto keychain version. 

I couldn't get this pose right with the other Emongas and Elesa but...

Works absolutely fine (with some work) for this buddy! 

I have to say even though the slightly smaller size is adorable, I think I prefer the MPC Emonga much better ^^


Another pokemon trainer and her trusty butler?! ;D 

And now in completely other news - I am opening my customs for this month!

I will be opening four slots and this will be for pokeparfaits or squirtle melon breads.

I have decided that I will make more Squirtle melon breads at the moment, however ;;; please do not ask for my past creations. I am only opening this for pokeparfaits or squirtle melon breads. 

Rules + Information
Photobucket Granted Sales Permission on 8/4/11 by [info]denkimouse . and here is My feedback Post
Photobucket I ship from the US, but do ship internationally ! Shipping and Paypal Fees are not included in the prices
Photobucket There is no insurance/delivery confrmation - please let me know if you would like this!
Photobucket All community rules apply. So if you backout, I will give you negative feedback.
Photobucket I only accept Paypal. PLEASE WARN ME IF YOU USE AN E-CHECK! I will not start on your custom or send it out, until that e-check has cleared.
PhotobucketSerious bidders and buyers ONLY. I expect payment within 72 hours after I have given you your final total.
PhotobucketI reserve the right to refuse to sell to anybody, especially if you have negative feedback.
Photobucket I AM ACCEPTING TRADES/PARTIAL TRADES! - this goes for custom work or JP pokedolls (mint with tag is fine) , I am willing to also pay. However I'm more-so wanting cash instead, so I may decline ><

About the Sweets

*Turn-around time: 1 week to 4 weeks depending on your order. This turnaround time depends on the amount of commissions I'm given and the complexity of your order.  I am currently a full-time student as university student, and work part time.

*My figures are all created by me, all the way down to the sprinkles. With the exception of support parts, such as the parfait cups, jewel sticks, and the metal parts. I use a combination of resin+air+porcelain and some baked clay, depending on the part.

*I reserve the right to not remake some of sweets I have done or to reject a request if I feel uncomfortable with it. 

* Most of the time I won't remake sweets because, it will not be the exact same as the last one. I manually have to create the color of the clay with various mediums, because of this - I am not always able to get the exact same shade as the previous. That is why if you wish to get multiple types of sweets of the same pokemon character, I suggest you ask me to do it all in one big order. That way it will be for sure consistent.

*More Designs can be found in my gallery! 
but please note I do NOT post every commission I have done, and have a lot that are not posted. ;;; most of my past commision posts have previous orders however. 

around $18-28 depending on your order
→ Approximately 7-9 cm 

Zenigame no Meronpan / Squirtle Melon Bread
*I will take mass orders of these) 

$8 (figure) , $9 (magnet), $12 (keychains with charms
→ apx 4.5-5 cm long. 

1. todaHaunter and Red Gyarados
2. happyparasolSwadloon
3. poliwhirl

^^ Thank you for viewing <3 
Tags: collection, custom, eevee, emolga, flareon, jolteon, vaporeon
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