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Plush collection. <3

I managed to get me plush collection photos together and nicely organized ( somewhat XD ) and well, of course it is time to post them! Most of my plush are of the first couple gens; as a matter of fact, I don't think I have plush of anyone after Ruby/Sapphire! I'm quite positive that's going to change after some buys here in the community, though. :P

First, a preview, and also the visual embodiment of myself as a person, and my personality: a little girl who is happiest buried in her plushie pile. :3

Please excuse le uber grain. Here we have Herpchu and Togederp, but also some lovelies as well. <3

Me backpacks. :D Oh god do I love that Gengar backpack so much! I swear, one day I WILL carry around so little stuff that I can make use of him. XD I love the older backpacks a lot more than the new ones. e_e They are so weirdly stuffed! I work at Spencer's, and all the Pikachu backpacks are off-kilter. ;_;

My mini Bulba. :3 A long time ago, I was at a Super Dollar Store with my dad and came across a tiny green purse with this tiny Bulbasaur velcroed to it. SO CUTE. *_*

Le Meows! Mewtwo has a hole in his neck ( the fuzzy one ) that I need to sew up. :(

My favorite Pikas. :D The one on the right is the well-known Pokemon Advanced Pikachu. I love his fuzzyness and beanyness. *-* And on the left, is a weird Tomy Pikachu that has a stash-butt. XD

The stash-butt! It opens up to a rather large compartment. He also has a pretty old-looking Tomy tag.

Beanie Pikachu and Easter Pikachu! I call the big one that because he was in a Pokemon Easter Basket at Walgreens. 8D The only other Pokemon thing that came in the basket was some colored chalk with the DP starters on the packaging. XD

Three of my most prized plush. *-* All three electronics from back in the day ~ ! Please excuse the choker on Mew; I was too lazy to remove it after realizing it was there lololol.

Random small plush. You can also kind of see my big Poliwhirl plush who I forgot to point out in earlier photos. XD

PIKABUG! :D Man do I love this thing. He has a whole in the window that I need to fix. I SUCK AT SEWING GUYS.

More random plush! Actually, mostly the newest plush I have. XD Except for Seel and Gengie, of course. I have a soft spot for Gengar. I need to start up a bigger collection for him. Also, sorry about faceplanting Corphish. XD TWIN PSYDUCKS IN BACKGROUND! :o

Aww, kissy Torchic and Mudkip. :3 I never got Treecko, and it's either because they never had him in the store or I just never wanted him, I CAN'T REMEMBER. o_o Either way, I love these plushies, they are SO SOFT TOO OMG.

Special Eevee, chilling on a shelf with a Pokemon item I have never ever seen anywhere else. It's made of wax but not really a candle? o_O IDK. I would never burn it lol. But it is amazing and I WANNA KNOW THE SOURCE OF IT SO BAD. ;_;

Mini plush! Mini Bulba is too special for this group I guess. XD I love tiny plushies. Can you imagine a real-life Snorlax that size? IT WOULD BE THE CUTEST THING EVER UGHHHHHHHH!!!!

Mini plush part 2. Look at those cute tiny eyes omggg. <3

And all the big guys together! GIVING SOME LOVE TO POLIWHIRL, TWIN PSYDUCKS, BUTTERFREE AND PIKACHU BODY SCRUBBER PUPPET NOW YEAH! :D OH OH OH AND FLYGON, who I had a close-up picture of, but it somehow disappeared from me computer and yeah IDK YOU CAN SEE HIM FROM HERE. XD

I hope you all enjoyed my collection. <3 A question: What do you all recommend as the best way to display plush? I don't have anything whatsoever for them, and I really need to find something. I hate cramming my plush into my closet. ;_;

P.S. A grail coming in the mail soon... I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED I FEEL LIKE I AM GONNA BURST!
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