jerybunny (jerybunny) wrote in pkmncollectors,

valentine get!

I got my valentine gift today from Rythen! Yay! So I'm here to show them off with happiness.
(It's also my one year anniversary today XD)

So here's everything! Look how awesome all that is! I said I liked customs and I got em! Also said that the boyfriend like Pink and Blue, hence the cutie birdies! Which is where the note was written to let me know who my buddy was! Yay!

This is a lenticular Sticker that was still on it's sticker sheet, designed to fit onto these attachy things! Well as soon as I saw it I whipped out one of my gillion of those and stuck it right on! How cool is that? It goes from Charmander to Charizard.

LOOK HOW COOL THAT REPAINT IS. He's Charasaurus! I also still don't know how to use my camera. Why is the background clear and not the focus?!

I love these! Love love love. Love! Ah the cuteness! Look at Azurill's little tail wire!! So perfect.


Okay, I'm done again. I'm excited to see everyone's Valentines gifts arrive and get shown! XD
Another Huge thank you to my Valentine buddy Rythen!!
Tags: azurill, charmander, custom
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