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YAY Pokedolls!

* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
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The final things I've been waiting for arrived today! (Well still waiting on 2 packages but it'll be a week or 2+ til those come..)

Check out the cut for lots more <3!

All these arrived today 8D risha_moon picked up the pokedolls for me and shinx and chingling are from eevee_kins

But they're not the only recent pokedoll gets! I posted this in my contest entry post but here he is again, the Cubchoo I got from vaporeonxlover My very first japanese pokedoll <3

Meet Toru, brother of toedychan's Nate :3 Yay adorable booty cutewigs X]

Here they are again with the other things I got on same day :3
Chimchar and Torchic drawings are by vaporeonxlover

And my very first poke charm, Venomoth <3! I've been wearing it as a necklace :3

Cherrim canvas <333 I've been trying to get a Cherrim plush since I started collecting, so nice to finally have one and she is so adorable X] growly also included cute jumpluff flat and Stoutland card <3 (i really want the stoutland clipping figure now, too cuuute)

Here's the trio together (although I've rearranged my shelves again since then lol) I need purple cherrim kid...

Got these from herar It feels so good to have Munchlax pokedoll and zukan at last! I'm just missing 1 plush and 1 kid and then I'll consider my Munch collection 'complete' 8D And I love those 4 kids sooo much, especially grumpy shroomish <3

Along with the Epcot pokedolls I got Kyurem tomy :3 He's so cute!

A few weeks ago I ventured to the stores an hour away to look for jakks wave 3 things since my town never got them XD
I cant decide if I should keep misdreavus and pansage (and trading woobat away...) Undecided about Pidove as well XD
If you're interested in Misdreavus or Pansage please let me know!

Munch pokedoll with my other Munch plush <3 i like beanpups and sheeeep

I love these soooo much!

I've rearranged my collection to have most of the BW pokemon together.. I left the 'floons & spoink there though for lack of a better spot..The new pokedolls stacked nicely :3 I also have Scraggy mpc coming in a week or 2! I'm beginning to want to focus on collecting 5th gen now I think ^^; I just love so many of them <3

Vday Minmin <3333

and here's the rest of my collection as I've rearranged things AGAIN ^^; I'm pondering weeding my collection a bit.. mostly the pink pokemon, but I cant decide :(


I've recently fallen in love with Karrablast! If anyone has this for sale please let me know :3
I'd be willing to trade several things from my sales, make a custom, or pay for it if I can afford to!
My other mpc wants (though not in any rush) include Scrafty and Heatmor (& many others lol). *_*

Shelgon charm and kid (maybe some other things?) not looking to spend too much, I've just fallen in love with him recently and it'd be nice to have something X]!
(fell in love with Karrablast afterwards when I realized they had similarities...)

PMD things! Especially Piplup and Bidoof gashapon dioramas :3

Also looking for these for my friends:
Raikou pokedoll (loved w/o tag) and Pichu johto dex charm and Aron charm :3!

That's all for now as I'm trying to save up for more expensive things XP

In a week or 2 I'm planning on auctioning or selling Vaporeon and Umbreon pokedolls and possibly Flareon and Espeon~
Any opinions on whether I should auction or straight sale would be helpful!

Updated my sales!
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