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New gets and sales reminder

So I got a package (well actually two, but the other one, I had to ditch the box of the other at the post office so there is no unboxing for golem, sorry)

But anyway, I thought I may do a little photo story of the unwrapping :3

Cynda, one of my most cherished pokedolls decided to co-host the opening of this rather large piece of mail goodnessl

Cynda: Whats this?
Me: Let's see

Cynda: Whats inside? whats inside? WOOW!! its a....

Cynda: Very hyperactive swampert pokedoll -____-
Me: Yep!! and cute out of his mind
Cynda: -_______-
Me: Dont be jelly cynda
Swampert: Hi! Hi! ^____^ is this my new home?? wait, I brb!!
Me: Wait! where are you headed so rushed?
Swampert: I didn't come alone!
Me: who else's there?

Swampert: Look!!
Me: ???

Swampert: Don't be shy buddy!!
Me: oh! nice!

Swampert: Told ya!!!
Me: Nice, a phanpy pokedoll too! :D
Phanpy: Hey swampert, are we there yet? it felt like a jet crash or something
Swampert: Look up!!
Phanpy: ???

Phanpy: Oh hai! you my new owner?
Me: I am!! 
Phanpy: Sweet!
Me: *points at Cynda* and this is Cynda, he was very curious about you two

Cynda: Hi there, im Cynda, nice to meet you! :)
Phanpy: Hi there :) ... hey Swampert!!
Swampert: Yeah?
Phanpy: Come meet Cynda
Swampert: Been there, done that!
Cynda: Yeah -_____-
Me: Yo guys! let me get a group pic of you three!
All: Sure!

And this is how the shot came out

Thanks for watching this photo heavy unwrapping!! I hope you liked it. BTW I still have a ton of stuff that hasn't been sold yet. I got a few ppl  interested in some off the items, so if you still want them, plz let me know

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 07/02/11

 Please click here for sales plug 

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