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I've found a Pikachu bell plush on Y!Japan, and I really want to bid on it, but I can't log in to SMJ. I contacted the site, but the guy said that I needed to make a deposit to verify my account. Can I do this without being logged in? Does anyone know how? Or even if someone could bid for me and I could pay fully for the shipping and the item itself, that would be great too.
Thank you, kiraras_lemon, for offering to bid! Good luck!

Here's the auction: [link]

Also... I'd like to apologize for my last post about the eBay bidding and whatnot. I didn't realize that bidding to raise the price was illegal. I feel.. well.. I was kind of hurt by a few of the comments. Most of them weren't doing any more than trying to set me straight, but the other couple were unnecessarily rude and a little hurtful. And it bothered me even more that, instead of telling me that what I was doing was illegal, people just kept bartering me with how wrong it was. Honestly, if someone had brought the background info to my attention, I think there wouldn't have been such a mess. But I do apologize for what I did, and I'm never going to do it again. Cool?

Oh, and while I'm posting, I might as well add that I've gotten a bunch of stuff in the mail from you guys (most recently aftertheheaven and 216handsbound) and my Pachirisu collection just keeps getting bigger! I saw what a lot of you had done with the cards and such going in card albums, so I ordered something of the like from Gin and I'll use it for said task. Unfortunately, I kinda broke my mum's camera and I don't know when it'll be fixed, so no collection updates for a while. I was thinking of doing a room tour like pikabellechu did, even though my room is a lot smaller.

Anyway, I feel better now getting that off my chest. And I hope there's no hard feelings, cause this community is so great. < 33 seeyas~
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