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Looking for Liepard merch!!

Alright so I have decided to have a solid collection for ONE and ONLY ONE pokemon. Decided one from the new series would be the best since I can be up to date. Well my favorite elemental type is Dark! I chose Liepard because I absolutely adore her. She has been in my team and is as hard to kill as the initial Victini giveaway! (AKA pretty tough xP)

So my hope from you guys is to see if there is anymore, or if you guys have gather Liepard merch that I haven't already purchased!!

I have;
MPC Liepard UFO plush

Both cards as regular and reverse holo of these

The 15th Anniversary Kid(ish figure) AND Card set unopened.

Liepard/Purrlion Zukan

I'm going to attempt to grab a charm when they come out since I was asleep when Gin's slots opened. :S

So what else do you guys have? I'm more or less not looking for stickers...however I might as well see what ALL is out there for the Liepard and decide from there!
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