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Offers and New Sales!

Sales Permission granted by dakajojo on 4/24/2011
Old Feedback Here
New Feedback Here
No Feedback in the new system yet :O
~Paypal Only! I will not take cash, COD, or e-checks
~If you're interested in an item, ask for a quote first
~I am open to haggling, especially if you buy a lot of stuff.
~I don't mind doing holds, but I won't do them for more than 3 days. If you don't respond by that time, it will go back up the next day
~Please allow for up to ONE WEEK for me to ship items out. I'll usually ship things on Friday
~Shipping for USA STARTS at $2.50 and goes up as needed $1.50 for Flats and teeny Tiny items 
~I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOUR ITEM IS LOST OR DAMAGED IN THE MAIL. I will make sure to send the package as securely as possible, but we are all at the mercy of USPS. If you'd like your package shipped a certain way then let me know and i'll see what I can do
~As of right now I am not trading unless it's for the cards I am missing in my collection (Wanted Cards Here)

I did a lot of collection weeding and I have some league supplies from my league leader that I am selling at much lower than I have in the past! YAY REDUCED PRICES!

Any Badges, Pins, or Score Cards bought in stacks or sets will also have reduced prices!

Pokemon League Score Cards. I have multiples of each card.(when an item is really low in stock, i will post it)
$3 Each
LOW ON STOCK: Houndoom, Typhlosion, Insect Season, Bolt Season

Pokemon Worlds 2011
$30 OBO

Pokemon League Pins and Badges. I have multiples of each (when an item is really low in stock, i will post it)
Each patch/pin is $2.50 Each. The Bigger Oshawott and Snivy Patches are $4 Each
LOW ON STOCK: Raichu (2 left), Croconaw (5 left)

Bottle Cap Figures. $7 each OBO

Pokemon Worlds 2011 Sealed Playmat. Up for offers
Offers start at $65 OBO

Tepig League Poster
 $8 OBO

All of these offers bellow are complete! thanks everyone who participated! :D

(For some reason, LJ wont let me upload a better picture... if you would like a better image lemme know)
Monkey Trio/Trio season League Poster
Offers start at $8

Herdier/Basic Season League Poster
Offers start at $8

Leavanny/Insect SeasonLeague Poster
Offers start at $8

2011/2012 Season Register TodayLeague Poster
Offers start at $3

Also My Plush sales can be found Here: PLUSH SALES

Thanks Everyone! Hope to hear from you soon!
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