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Collection Update, Sales, and Pickups!

Okay, after my coding exploded which took a while to fix... xD let's try again.

Hello everyone! It has been a looooooooooong time since I last posted a collection update. (2010 xD;) I have acquired quite a few things since then, so here is a really overdue Collection Post!

Trainer kids! I wish there was more Trainer merch. x3 I love Misty, Gary, Yellow, and Elesa~</div>
The Pokemon with them are little pencil toppers I have had for years!<

My games (Red was my first Pokemon game ever!), CDs, manga, and foam pokedolls (Lure Ball courtesy of spideyroxas n-n). Sitting atop everything: Shiny Magikarp and Gyarados! I have had Gyarados since it first appeared but I bought Magikarp from a collector friend of mine last year. :3

My Pokemon stationary stuff~ I have had this stuff since around 4th grade. It was some of the first merch I ever owned! And I still use them all daily. :3 (Poliwhirl tape measure, Bulbasaur pencil sharpener, Jigglypuff tape dispenser, Pikachu stapler!)

Pokemon Center playset! I bought this in a gigantiosaurus lot last year and it came with all the figures and trainers. 8D It's the Kanto version set, and this was actually my grail for a long time~ I love colorful it is, and all the little figures are so cute!

The lot also came with some Team Rocket accessories. x3

My pokedolls! Notice a theme? I LOVE water (and ice) Pokemon, so I collect sea creatures. :3 (And Phanpy is cute, so...!) I actually relocated Gyarados and Magikarp because I had to sell my bookcase. xD So now they are partying with everyone else~

Mystery Dungeon Playsets! I had been pining over these ever since I first joined the comm and saw someone's collection with them. *----* So like the Center playset, these cuties were also my grail for a long time! If I could, I would totally live in a house shaped like a Pokemon. I swapped out the figures with some of my favorites of each type though. xD

Pikachu tissue box~ This was a present for my birthday. It's so cute and detailed, Pikachu is so peaceful. n-n

MORE SEA CREATURES! One day I am going to update this set up so it looks better, but these are the zukans I collect (water types 8D!) and put in a round glass bowl to make a little fishtank-like thing~ There are tons of little guys in there, but some of them tipped over or need stands. a-a;


I've been saving my favorites for last~ My Spheal collection!

THEY MAKE ME PERPETUALLY HAPPY. I love Spheal so much. *----* The shiny kid was painted by the awesome spideyroxas who is so talented at repaints! He did an incredible job getting the paint just right and doing all the details perfectly! It is such and itty bitty creature of adorableness~ I love it with my regular kid, they look so sweet together!

The shiny plush and shiny/regular drawing to the right was made by the amazing zangooseel and they seriously slay me with their cuteness. *o* The drawing is the sweetest picture of Spheals I have ever seen, and it even has sparkles in the snow~ n-------n The plush has the cutest little flippers and even a tail and spots stitched on the back. There's so much detail, I adore it so much!

The rest of my collection is comprised of my pokedoll, a few random figures, femo customs, a zukan figure from kateluff, the new charm that just came out from denkimouse, and a Dex figure I managed to pick up for a great price during Christmas!

Wahh Spheal, ilu. ;;

Okay, the last Spheal is of epic proportions...

Yep, that is my ~6inch pokedoll to the right of it...

What is it you ask?


GIANT SPHEAL POKEDOLL! It's essentially 1:1 and stuffed with super soft cuddly minky incredibleness~ 8D This was made by the epic ewokie who created a replication of the Spheal Pokedoll but in a muchmuchMUCH bigger scale! I still can't believe such a giant Spheal was brought into existence, it was such a giant (literally) surprise! And I have to say, ewokie's patterning for Pokedolls is incredible because from a picture alone she was able to create this. That is some mad talented sewing and pattering skills right there! (I can't even wrap my head around how to do that. xD)


That is the end of my collection update. x3 Whoo!

In other news, I have a few new sales today~

Click here or the image to shop!

Update includes: Figures, keychains, charms, plush, aaaand I have put together two small lots! I am calling them Valentine's Day lots. x3 I have a Skitty one and a Treecko one. Both come with a Pokedoll, a gashapon food playset in their theme, and also a bento eraser figure! $20 for each lot, please click the above banner/link for the pictures and other stuff. n-n

Lastly, I am still doing Pokedoll pickups from the Pokemon Center WA kiosk if anyone is interested. I will combine shipping with sales. :D Starts at $17.82 for one Pokedoll to the US, and I ship internationally!

Click images or here to go to Pickups!

Whew, that's everything. Thanks for looking!