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First, and most important... I got a package in the mail! (Two, actually, but the contents of the other will be revealed later.)

What could it be?!

They're tiny and amazing and CHARMS! I'd love to take them out of the package and tote them around but my collector side says "noooo must stay mintttt." Also, this being my first time buying charms, they're a lot smaller than I thought they'd be! They're tiiiiny things.

From the amazing denkimouse.

Alright, now I would like to page lucario. I did remind you about the Mudkip plush I had on hold, like you asked, but haven't received a reply for that message. It's not a major deal as long as I get some reply back, so don't fret. I just need an update on how things are going, and the sooner I'm contacted, the sooner I can pay. You're the only transaction I have pending left other than a charms claim.

(I'd also quickly like to add in here that I am waiting on feedback from poliwhirl- for the first transaction we had- and from donny9, but for the latter I know life may be hectic right now so if you don't get around to it that is perfectly fine.

If anyone is waiting on feedback from me, please tell me immediately. I keep track of those things but my notes could be faulty. Remember if I haven't received the package yet, I don't leave feedback.)

Now, I will be on vacation from tomorrow until Monday. I am going to Pennsylvania for my grandmother's 70th birthday. I won't be able to check messages as frequently or send payments (don't trust the hotel wifi as much, my home wifi is heavily secured) during these few days. So if you message me and I don't get back to you for awhile, don't panic!

To make this post less texty

Some kids! I'll likely make a proper collection update in late February or early March so that all of my orders will have gotten here.

Thanks for listening to my rambly post! To make it more interesting, one final question- Do you guys eat the candy that comes with kids? I personally don't, because I have no idea what the ingredients are! Tell me if you guys do, and what it tastes like even.
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