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Kimewaza BW2/Dragon Selection Sales!

(The Zukan were mailed out 6 days ago. If you get them, please leave feedback here.)
Heya everyone! My boxes of Kimewaza BW2 Kids came in, and I have a load of extras to share!! :D

As usual, each kid will go for $9.50 ($6 for Pikachu...), SHIPPED, which is a FLAT fee for everywhere! I have the following Kids!

4 Pikachu ($6!! :O)
2 Zoroark
3 Zekrom
2 Oshawott
1 Pansear
0 Scolipede
0 Emolga
0 Victini
4 Klinklang
2 Beartic
1 Zebstrika
3 Haxorus
0 Excadrill
0 Chandelure

As previously stated, each kid is $9.50 shipped anywhere in the world. Please comment if you'd like to buy some kids. Anything on this post can, of course, be combined with things from my sales post.

Also, I have some Dragon Selection stuff for sale. Since a few people have already posted singles for the set, I won't bore you with any more of those (if you ask me in a comment below, I do have every Pokemon in the set for sale, but I don't want to list them all here, so just ask. :)); however, since the set is so small (I ordered two boxes, and after just ten packs, pulled a full set orz), I have the following for sale:

5 Individual Booster Packs (Contains 5x Holo Cards from the Dragon Selection Set): $4.50 plus shipping PER 1 Pack

Booster Box: 15 Packs of 5 Holo Cards Each: $60 Shipped in USA, $65 shipped outside.

Tags: beartic, cards, chandelure, emolga, excadrill, kids, klinklang, oshawott, pansear, pikachu, sales, scolipede, victini, zebstrika, zekrom, zoroark
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