Yueyen (yueyen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants and need help with identifying

Hai guys <3
I got some new wants.
Of course my grail!
Plusle and Minun DX Pokédolls!!
<--------- HOLY GRAIL

I'm looking for the Minun TOMY laying beanie. I have Plusle and she is so lonely :(
<------- high want
So not the Hasbro beanies 'cause I have those already! 

Also looking for this:

Minun chess figure with box and in mint condition.

The Plusle figure that's on top of the mini gashapon machine. 

And the Minun mini machine :3

The Plusle light-up keychain

I asked this before and no one knew, so I will ask one more time :)
No one can identify this Pikachu bag?

Also has anyone ever seen this pillow before and knows who made it?

That's it!
I wanted to post a collection update but not all my items have arrived yet and I just started to work!
So I am a little busy.
Thank you for reading ~<3
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