Zen (zenity) wrote in pkmncollectors,

MPC Set 12 Group Auction!

Hello Everyone! I'm starting another MPC GA, this time for set 12 because I need a heatmor in my life. Hopefully this time the japanese seller won't take nearly 3 weeks to mail them to noppin?? We'll see! Details Below!

- I ship from the USA.
- Please bid in appropriate threads, bid to the highest bidder with at least $1 increments, etc.
- This GA ends Friday, Feb 10th at 1 AM EST (or Thursday, 10PM PST)
- Each plush starts at $5
- I will be claiming Heatmor for $7 and will go higher if needed.

Also to those who participated in my previous MPC GA: as of Friday afternoon I have shipped out all the packages! Sorry for the delay!! Keep an eye out for them. :)
Tags: group auction
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