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Mew-tastic Valentines + Eeveelu Charm GB2 arrived + Aron line GB? + More

Hi, Everyone!! :D

This morning, I got three awesome packages from: dezchu, pikachux, and sorjei...along with actually get to see some package that had arrived earlier in the week while I was at my college apartment.

First I opened Dezchu's package which had a TON of cards I bought on sale. Thank you, so much for the awesome deal! *glomps* Is anyone good at foreign languages? I forgot to take photos, but some of them are in languages I can't read and I'd like to know what they are so I can put them on my foreign language card checklist. lmao. ^^; I can edit and add photos later.

AND! I also got this Mew clip in that package. XD!

(Image borrowed from Dezchu's journal.

Then I opened my Secret Valentine package from Pikachux, which I didn't know what it was at the time since I don't keep track of the names/addresses of the sellers I bought from. lol.


SNOOPY CARD! I love Snoopy...which is completely non-Pokemon related, but it's true. So the card was perfect for me. lol. That Glameow card was one of my most wanted cards 'cause it kept eluding me. lmao. I was SO excited to see that. The giggling Mew card is absolutely adorable! OMG! I LOVE THE MEW WALKY PLUSH! It so cute and adorable and AHHHH!! It's perfect! <3 And, I have a secret love for stationary, so I was super excited about that and the pages are awesome and it comes with three different versions (see below). I didn't even know that notebook existed! *_* And! Card Blisters are always awesome. XD!

The three different pages. <3

Blister cards! They're all doubles which doesn't surprise me since I recently realized I'm only missing some holos and ultra rares from the BW series. But that's okies! I can trade these for ones I need. Anyone interested in them? lol.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, PIKACHUX!!! This package was PERFECT! <3!!

Then I opened, Sorjei's package of epicness! Our packages to each other are almost always epic 'cause we're constantly picking stuff up for the other person and end up shipping everything together after gathering it all together for a couple months. lmao.

Short story! Back when I started seriously collecting cards again last year, Sorjei was looking through her collection and found this card -

Base Set Charizard...I mean, that's special on it's own...but I already had one. What got my interest was....

...it's Shadowless. *_* And, being the super-awesome friend she is, Sorjei traded it to me for 2 plushies. XD! So, now I have Shadowless, Unlimited, and Base Set 2 English Charizard along with Dutch and Italian ones. If anyone has any other languages they're willing to trade, please let me know. XD!

The package also included lots of non-Pokemon related things such as Pumpkin tea and lots of DVDs. XD! AND some PLUSH! ^^ Ignore Santa Angry Bird...he didn't want to be left out. ^^; *coughI'mactuallylookingfortheHalloweendevilAngryBirdifanyonehasonecough* Anyway! Pidove!!! She found him on sale at a local FYE that's closing near her. I debated on if I wanted it or not but in the end...the cuteness won. lol. Axew is the TY beanie baby plush. <3 Sorjei's friend in the UK actually bought it...I totally forget their user name but they are a part of the community. I bought a Zoroark Pokedoll for them. XD! I also debated about this one. I am SO GLAD I decided to get it though. It's SO MUCH larger than I though. lol. And it's soooo soft. <3 Anddddd...best for last, my custom Houndour pillow. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It's so soft and cuddly and EEEE! Perfect! Thank you so much, Jei!!! <3

D'awwwwww! Mew giving Houndour kisses. <3

And now what a few people are really interested in from this entry. The Eeveelution Charm GB2 I held has arrived! ^^

And, since Sorjei sent me the chain I needed for my charm necklace, I borrowed the charms for a photo op. ^^;

I will try to take better photos later sometime. XD!

So, I will send out shipping quotes for the second payment either tonight or tomorrow. And the charms should be sent on Monday. :D

Also! I'm considering doing a GB for the new Aron charm set. I saw ivyaggron post their's...borrowed image -

And I totally need that Aron in my life! lol. I then saw someone looking for Aggron, so I contacted them and we decided that a GB might be worth it. I would just need somone interested in Lairon. Unfortunately, the set I was looking at purchasing was ended on Friday morning. I contacted the seller and they said they were going to relist it, but I haven't seen it yet. Anyway, if it is relisted, is anyone interested in Lairon? It would be $10 for the first payment and then the second payment would be shipping from me to you.

And...ending with two awesome cards I received from rax

My first full-art cards! *_* I absolutely LOVE THEM! They're so pretty! I never thought I was going to get these since I refuse to buy cards that are more than $1 or 2. lol. EEE! <3

Edit: Forgot a pic/question earlier! lol.

I received a Milotic card in a trade about a month ago. But I only realized yesterday that it's a Shiny Milotic -

It had a different sparkly affect than I've seen on others cards. Actually, I think it's the most pretty card I have (unfortunately, it has a slight flaw on it. ;_;). ANYWAY! I was wondering if anyone has any information on this card. I know it's from the Supreme Victors (or Beat of the Frontier in Japanese) set. Are the Japanese cards usually sparkly all-over like that? I looked up the card on ebay, but there's only English ones with a normal RH effect. I don't plan on selling this...but I was just curious about it.

And (not-so-)small wants plug:
- I'm still looking for a Raikou Pokedoll for my friend's birthday (it can be tagless and loved. I have an offer for a $23-ish mint one, but I was looking for slightly cheaper).
- I would like to TRADE for a full-art N card (which I am currently negotiating with someone...so I might not need that).
- I am looking to purchase a Corocoro Shining Mew card for $30-35-ish shipped. My boyfriend agreed to buy one for my birthday. THIS IS MY MOST WANTED ITEM! Please help out. ^^;
- I am looking to buy a Houndour Pokedoll for about $35-40 shipped (but I don't think that's going to happen). That's my second most wanted item. ^^;
- Also the johto-dex Pichu charm, the sleeping Stoutland clipping figure, and the new Victini attack kid (with the flame ears). XD!
- Either of the league stamped Houndooms (I think they're from Undaunted and Team Rocket Returns)
- Andddddd - This post card and this spiky eared pichu charm.
- Along with Pikachu World Collection and Pokemom Rumble cards. ^^;

Thanks for reading!

~ Risha
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