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Guess Who...

What could this be? I see a bell for certain. I also think I see a plush-wait, I know what this means! It's a bell plush!
Photobucket  Look, it's my entry in the Bell Plush Contest! Naturally, I did Phione, seeing as it is my favorite. Look at him! Isn't he so pudgy and adorable? (Yes, I consider this particular plush to be male. Big deal.)

I'd actually say that getting the box to be the right size was the hardest part. Initially, don't think the plush itself even took me three hours (yay for hot glue guns!) but later, I got some acrylic paint on him, so I had to redo two entire orange-slice shaped "cells". In fact, if you look closely, you can see a little acrylic paint that stained him from his sailor cap/flotation thingymabob, but painting over a similar stain with acrylic paint is how I got to get his original face crusty and totally un-plushy. I did the new segments at around midnight (I was feeling fairly restless that night, which is depressing since I HAD SCHOOL THE NEXT DAY/TODAY). However, the rest of the plush was made Sunday afternoon. In fact, because of his creation, I almost missed the opportunity to eat lunch that day.Photobucket
LOL sideviews! You can see how this plush was constructed to an extent from this angle, as well as a little hole exposing some stuffing. It's fairly unoticable to me, though. At this view, you can tell that his sailor cap/flotation thingymabob is flat felt, as are his arms, chest gem, and ribbon
Photobucket  Just a backview. For once, I don't have much to say here.

This was a lot of fun consturcting this little guy, so even if I don't win, I know that it was all worth it. So, judges, here he is!

Tags: bell plush, contest, custom, phione, plush
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