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cactus collection update

Hai guise!
Like I said in my previous post, I have a few new things that I'd love to show you :D

So follow Boogie, after the cut to see my newer gets <3

The stars of my update are my two custom sculps, Boogie and Cacti-kun.
Boogie as you can see is so wavy and cool x)
It was my Xmas gift from my secret santa over dA, a pokemon craft group held one and I participated :D

And Cacti-kun was made by captainangel. We made a trade like sooo long ago and she made me this awesome sculpt and a little charm wich is adorable. And she even gave me some left over of cacnea figs she had repeated <3
She is the most hardcore cacnea collector I know, and I totally look up to her <3

I got lazy with the update pics, so here's an overall of what's really new xD

And my non plush entire collection :D

Bigger sculp in the back was a gift from blackdog333
Shiny Cacnea kid my love, from that supah amazing weird GA that we paid almost nothing.
The zukan, wich I had no idea they were SO TINY T,T
And misc stuff, Maractus kid is also newish :D

Thanks for looking~
Before I go, here's a little reminder of my SALES and my CUSTOM PLUSH SLOTS :B

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