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Pokemon Center: Tyranitar & Entei

So if you're anything like me you can browse for hours looking for pictures of the giant Pokemon Center plush. Dreaming to own them, wanting to know all the little details about the legendary plush. *o* Since i've received Tyranitar and Entei I've done my best to add myself to the pool of pictures with these:

Turnaround shots, notes, and size reference pics!



^Huge pic
  • -This guy is probably one of the most intricate and detailed plush i own. There are so many materials on him, with the shimmery cloud, black rings, short and long pile fur, amazing stitching on the eyes: I really regret my camera couldn't catch all the small details.
  • -The condition is amazing, the fur isn't pilled even a little bit and the colors are so vibrant IRL. *o*
  • -My favorite part is the front manes.
  • -Much heavier than Tyranitar, likely 3x so. When my dad first picked him up he went 'holey moley!'.
  • -They even stitched the paws! I got the bright idea to turn it on the side for pictures and was surprised to find them!
  • -The string to attach the tag is located under the mane and tucks under his mouth/neck.


^Huge pic!

  • -The only plush of tyranitar and the coolest plush ever! <<blatantly biased lol
  • -Condition is also amazing, no loved fur and the black felt is not really pilled. One neck side, tails, and the ankles are a bit droopy now, making deep lines in the fur.
  • -The American version with the switched eyes. When i saw Juumou's post about fixing the eyes I told myself I was going to do this when i got my own t-tar. Now i don't think I'll go through with it. u_u Too afraid he'll get ruined.
  • -Tyranitar is longer than he is tall. And very fat haha.
  • -Tyranitar is fluffier than entei on the top part, with his bottom half and details being shaved.
  • -The back is my favorite part.


Nothing prepares you for how big these are IRL. @_@ I remember stupidly seeing that entei was 30 inches tall and lined that out on my measuring tape. I thought 'eh that's not so huge'. OMG. What a shock when the guy brought these out of his house, nearly swamped by Entei. These are so massive I had to take apart my computer desk just to make some room for them.

I've taken some pics as a size reference with different plush or as an excuse to take an adorable pic:

Annnnd that's all! Also I thought it would be cool to end this on a meme:
If Tomy started making these giant sized plush again, who do you think they'd make?
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