Eric (bansheix) wrote in pkmncollectors,

First Post (Hiya) + My Collection

Hello I'm bad at introducing myself, But I've been through a lot at the end of 2011, For reasons I lost interest in Pokemon and stop collecting stuff and keeping up on news, and that lasted from about after Thanksgiving to Recently. But I came back to it that's all the maters right? Anyways here is my collection x]

We shall start of with my Charmander Line collection, Very Small I know, but I started my charmander collecting in November, then I took my hiatus I suppose from pokemon, I plan on buying more charmander stuff in the future, once I buy some self, I have no way of displaying my collection right now, so that is my first priority.  

(Image heavy? I think,,,Maybe?)

Here are my Dimond and Purple series plush, I got all of series 6 (I think) From friends and family, then I bought Munchlax from series 5 (again I think) by my self. Meowth and Pikachu both don't have tags, I think my little cousin took them off.

Munchlax Tomy (I had the original idea to start Munchalx collection didn't get to it, hah

And here is just so random figures/kids I have, not much to say. I deiced to start focusing my collection around charmander now, but I might buy some random stuff here and there if I see it

Plushs I got at the B&W Tour

And these are just some I've picked up at Toys R Us

B&W Items from Toys R Us, and B&W Tour

Here is some random stuff, Cards/Books/Hat/DVDs/Tins/Blanket

Well that is the end of my into, and Collection. Hopefully In moth I will have an update with shelf's and more Lizards :D Hopefully you guys will see more of me around here.

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