Allinia (allinia) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Valentines and Offers Reminder

My Valentine's gift came yesterday - thank you SO much shortcakemiddy :D :D

The Clefairy plush pouch was full of candy and I ate it all already - strawberry and cherry candies are my favorite!!  The art and the little bucket and everything is so perfect, I have it all displayed around my room already.  Thank you so so so much dear ♥

If I was your Secret Valentine host and you haven't let me know that you shipped, please either comment here or send me a an email :D

And a quick reminder that I'll stop accepting offers on my most recent sales post at noon (12PM EST) tomorrow. If you were eyeing anything, time to get your last minute offers in~!

Sales/Offers Post:

Tags: chansey, clefairy
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