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Collection Update!

I tend to do or two updates max a year ^^;. So here's the first one of 2012, haha.

First, I want to share a few "new" (one isn't as new but I haven't posted about it) Wartortle gets. Apologies for the crappy photos, it's a crappy camera and the lighting in my room is awful at night.

Wartortle TFG! For those of you not familiar with TFGs, this is an extremely rare one. It's from a set that was never released and unlike some of the other unreleased sets, there aren't copies floating around on auction sites regularly. Somehow Gin ended up with a bunch of figures in the set and I won this guy in an auction. I feel really lucky to have such a unique figure and he's one of the most treasured members of my Wartortle collection :). He was a grail for a while...I figured at least one mold had to exist somewhere but it seemed unlikely I'd ever find one. Thankfully, Gin is a miracle worker ;).

Ugh, so blurry! I'll get a better shot tomorrow when there's light :p. This is another super rare Wartortle. It's from a set of very rare Brazilian plushies that were only discovered recently(ish). I already owned the Dragonite, which is kind of derpy, but this guy is seriously adorable. When I won Dragonite I was happy but seeing the set also gave me a new Wartortle grail. Thankfully, this guy popped up a few weeks ago on the community and so now I've gotten my second (and last?) Wartortle grail. I love him so much!

Of course I also picked up the new Wartortle charm. So far, every charm I've gotten has been an old pose so I was happy that the Squirtle line at least got new ones :). New charm on the left, old one on the right. They hang out with the 151 badge.

Full collection shot. I no longer display my Wartortle flats because it was starting to look messy. If I find a good way to display them, I will. I know that not everything is clear (or even visible) in this picture so let me know if you want a better shot of something or a close-up of a section :). In a future post, I'll break it down more like I've done in previous updates.

Ok, moving on... Before B/W even came out I fell in love with Musharna. Since then, I've built what I feel is a decent collection :). I haven't posted it on here and that's partially because it was all over the place. Today I re-arranged and was able to group everything together...with the exception of a special, huge plush that I'll get to in a moment...

Full collection shot. Ignore all of the other random stuff, ha. Also, let me know if you need to know what something is...I'm always happy to help another collector and I might even know where you can get a double.

Close-ups... I have a lot of flats because there aren't many figures/plush yet. If you have something Musharna-related that you don't see here, please let me know! I'm not interested in stickers unless it's a unique pose but other than that, I'll probably buy whatever you have. I believe the Tomy was released already (?) and I haven't found it so that's something I'd definitely want. The only thing not shown in the photos is the art card from B/W pre-releases. I just forgot about it when I was taking photos since it's packed away, awaiting a frame :).

Close-up of the Munna/Musharna bag :). It makes a nice background.

Ok, now for something HUGE...literally.




It's a 1:1 size Musharna!! :D This beauty was made by the very, very talented em_lemon! Not only did she manage to make a perfect, life-sized replica of Musharna...but it was sewn by hand. Amazing.

Pokedoll for size reference :).

...Now I get to move Musharna to FL at the end of this year XD. But seriously, I love this plush! It's well-made and doubles as a pillow when I'm studying ;).

That's all for tonight's update but think of this as kind of a part 1. I hope to do part 2, featuring my other two main collections, within a couple of weeks.
Coming soon:
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