PikaFreakRachel (pikafreakrachel) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Tomy bootlegs?

My very first collection was Tomy figures, and I think it's the hardest to collect, because 90% of what you find oline, especially eBay, are bootlegs, and some of them are dang hard or impossible to tell from the little bitty pics you see.
So here's my delima. I was dusting my Tomy's, which I thought to be all genuine, when I noticed something. The majority have the stamp indented into them, but one that I knew 100% certain was a fake had a raised stamp. The more I got to looking, the more raised stamps I found. Example:

Sandshrew has the indented stamp that I was talking about, while Electabuzz and Jynx are both raised.

So can legit Tomy's have raised stamps, or does it automatically mean it's a bootleg?
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