Brent (shinysuicune) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Long time no see! Sales and some gets!

Hey, guys! How is everyone? I've missed the comm so much these past few months, but life got in the way and limited internet access trumped the little time I could have had on here. So, I think I'll post a little re-introduction to myself and my loves, as well as a collection post soon.

Okay, here we go. My name is ShinySuicune, some call me SS, Suicune or simply 'Lee'. I've loved Pokemon all my life, but my first true love was Pikachu of course. I collect plush and random figures of him, not the merch with just one image of him or something...I'd be broke then for sure! Since starting a serious collection, I have started to gather legendaries, starters (Kanto through Hoenn mostly!) as well as flying and some water types. I also recently fell in love with those little tykes called Pokedolls! (I know, I'm broke anyway even without all the Pikachu crap ^^; )
I hope to be on the comm much more now, with gets and sales, as I now have internet at home as well. If anyone wants to chat, or ask about anything, feel free to message me or comment. :)

I also have some sales here, as I found a small treasure trove of dog tags and some slider figures at a flea market today! There will be small discounts for multiples, as well as adding a slider to your order. :)

This one is NOT for sale, but was found by my papa before I had a chance to get to the flea market. I'm wearing it right now, and I love it! <3

Now, onto the sales. Shipping will be calculated based on location, so just ask. ******Also, PLEASE read this: Tracking WILL be added to your order unless you specify otherwise! Before I would have only added it on request, but due to an incident, I will be adding tracking from now on. :/
***Items will -only- ship on weekends, when I have free time and a ride! If something must be sent on a weekday, we can try to work something out, but only in emergency situations. SO please be patient!

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 5/21/11, give or take a day or two. ^^;

First we have a Gastly dog tag set. I am tempted to keep him, but as I don't collect spookies, I can't justify hoarding him away. $6 plus shipping for this guy.

$5 each plus shipping for these guys. I have 1 Bulbasaur and 2 Charmanders left.

$8 plus shipping for Charmeleon, 2 of these left.

$6 plus shipping for this guy. Only 1 left!

Here's the sliders, they will be removed from the package as I am keeping Pikachu. $3 plus shipping for one; however, add it in with a dog tag and I'll give it to you for $2! Both shown are available.

Also, does anyone have have this slider?

I'd be willing to trade one of the sliders shown, or a $5 dog tag. I also have a Sandile Jakks plush and an extra Jakks Snivy figure, if you'd like one of those in trade instead.

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