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collection weeding

Hey there everyone. I'm in the need of some spare cash thus I am doing some collection weeding. Sales include zukan, megabloks, stampers, charms, figures and more. Click the image or the link below to go to the sales.

I also have a super cute Charmander 151 Pin up for auction!

- I ship from the US worldwide
- Payment is via PayPal
- Prices don't include shipping  
- Everything will be shipped well protected 
- I am not responsible for packages once they leave my hands
-I will hold for up to 48 hours! I might bend it a little if you ask nicely ;)

I am willing to haggle!

Unown F Sealed Charm (Johto Dex Version)- $10

Sealed zukan:
Tangrowth line x3- $7 each
Lickitung line x2- $7 each
Cranidos line- $15
Shieldon line- $8
Abomasnow line- $8
Swinub line x2- $4 each

Regigigas sealed zukan- $13

Buneary & Lopunny zukan pieces (Buneary has peg, Lopunny does not)- $2

Aggron- $7
Wingul- $2
Peliper- $2
Exeggutor- $2

Shiny Entei 3D Puzzle Piece- $13

Shiny Entei Charm- $16
Psyduck charm (Johto dex)- $9

Arceus Pokedoll w/tags- $25

McDonalds Toys- $2 each

Tepig Patch- $4

Misc. Figures- .75 each

Vicitini & Oshawott tin figures- $3 each

B/W Retsuden Stamps
$4 each

Older Retsuden Stamps:
Palkia, Duskclops, Manaphy- $3 each
Everything else- .75 each

.50 each

Sticker sheet- $2.50

Charmander 151 Pin
Auction ends on Wednesday the 8th at 3:00 PM EST

Tags: abomasnow, aggron, arceus, bastiodon, charms, cranidos, entei, exeggutor, figures, lickilicky, lickitung, oshawott, pelipper, pikachu, piloswine, psyduck, rampardos, sales, shieldon, snivy, snover, spoink, swinub, tangela, tangrowth, tepig, unown, victini, wingull, zukan
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