jeffyisaraichu (jeffyisaraichu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Recent gets!

My birthday was last month so I got a few things and I bought some stuff from here. So here they are (apologies for the slightly cluttered background, I'm in the process of packing):

The Osha bag, talking Prinplup and Zekrom bottle cap figure that came with cards were my birthday presents. The ToyFactory Piplup(first piplup!) and Turtwig are form ebay, and the applause Bulba, the Prinplup figures, and the Seadra BK plush are buys from the community (this place is dangerous for my wallet!).
Not pictured is My lati blanket I recieved fromgengareric
Soon to come are : some charm (don't know which pokemon I'm getting yet), Empoleon plush, More BK toys, and possibly some kids.

p.s. I am looking for a Plusle beanie plush (I think it's hasboro) I have the Minun. I am also looking for some charms!

Tags: bulbasaur, cards, charms, oshawott, piplup, plusle, prinplup, scraggy, seadra, serperior, turtwig, zekrom
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