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First Post/Collection post

Hello All! Some of you may know me already and some maybe not, but hopefully will soon! This is my first post (obviously) and i thought i would share my collection (so far...) Enjoy!

My wall of cards, i change them every so often, but most stay in there.

My gigantic charizard, bought him offof ebay cost me 40 bones, but totaly worth it, i put a ruler next to him and marill there for a size comparison.

these two are my oldest figures, i've had them forever it seems like

My newest additions

and if you see anything you like I may (or may not ) be willing to sell/trade. (but would need permission first from the mods), I collect dragonite, marill, porygon(2 and Z), im looking for some delibird, muk, heracross, whismur and wailmer stuff. if you have any to trade or sell I might just be interested.
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