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Auction Reminder and questions...

Hey everyone. :D This is just a small reminder that my MWT Canvas Umbreon plush is ending on ebay in less than 2 days. :) Click the image to go to the auction.

Also, I MIGHT be parting with my Vaporeon canvas plush so that I can purchase a Nintendo 3ds (and Zelda, Nintendogs + cats, and the Pokemon Brawl or wutever it's called... has anyone played it?) I'm looking for $220+ not including shipping, so if you're interested, make offers. Otherwise it'll end up on Ebay with Umbreon. I LOVE my Vaporeon canvas and would really like to see him go to a new home. :< I can provide pictures if need be.

Next, I have a couple questions. :3 My fiance's employer is a REALLY cool lady and found a nifty little pokemon item in a storage lot that she purchased (anyone seen storage wars? Yeah that...). She gave it to me as a gift and I am wondering what it is....

It's a cute little Plusle phone strap. I know that much. XD I was just wondering if it was part of a set, and if so which one? I know what it IS, I just am curious to know what it's FROM. :3


...this Raichu on Ebay. I know it's a booty. But what is it supposed to be a booty OF? Is it supposed to be a booty of the canvas plushies? I got one of my Raichu canvas plushies out to compare, but SOMEONE got in the way....

My kitty Neko decided Raichu was HIS new best friend. I got bit when I tried to take him away... >_> Anyway, I'm just curious as to what the Raichu booty is supposed to represent, seeing as how it doesn't have a fake canvas tag or anything like that. Any ideas?

My last question still involves the Raichu canvas plushies. I purchased two of them when they first came out; one for me to carry around, and one for me to have minty mint in my collection MWT. Are they STILL releasing them each year, and are there any differences to them? Mine are from 2010. Did they make any in 2011/2012? And if so, does anyone have pictures of the two to compare? I'm trying to decide if I want to buy more canvas plushies of Raichu from the different years to add to my collection. Any help would be... well... helpful.

I'm also expecting some things in the mail so expect a collection update from me around Valentine's Day. :3 (btw grats on everyone's secret valentine's gets. I REALLY wish I could have participated this year. ;__;).

Thanks for reading. :D
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