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A Secret Valentine Post

I received my gift earlier this week, so I thought I'd share it all with you. I know that I'm way, way, way overdue for a collection update and perhaps a reintroduction, but I know that will take me a long time, and I wanted my SV to know that it arrived.



Firstly, we have some buttons made by Shiny-S. They are super, super cute and I love them so much, but I gave them to my husband because they're his favorite pokemon. The Jigglypuff necklace is mine, though. >:D


Secondly, there's this ultra-cute and tiny Espeon that was bought off of Etsy. She's made out of pipe cleaners and is sorta pose-able, but she can sit a whole lot better than she can stand. I love this thing so much that it doesn't go in my collection room, rather it sits on my desk so I can play with it every now and then while I work.


Finally, here's the highlight of the whole gift. Jadekitty was gracious enough to take this out of their collection to give it to me. It's a canvas Pikachu from 2006, and it's so so soft and cuddly, probably my favorite Pikachu plush I own. Don't worry, I will take very good care of her, and she is currently nestled safely among other Pikachus and electric types on my shelf.

Here is the front of the ultra-cute card:


And here's a picture of everything together:


A very sincere thank you to my Secret Valentine, jadekitty777, for such a wonderful gift. I know I was kinda hard to shop for, since my collection has very little focus, but I can tell you that I love everything I got. I had long admired the canvas Pikachu, especially for his adorable chocolate-brown ear tips. The Espeon and the buttons are adorable beyond belief, and the Jigglypuff necklace makes me nostalgic for all the random pokemon stuff I had when I was kid, but no longer have.

Also a thank you to everyone for reading! I hope everyone has a very happy Valentine's day.

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