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Long overdue gets update! and some wants!!

We've been meaning to post all of our gets, and just haven't had a chance! We received quite a few packages from the community in December/January!

Anyone who's tagged in this, if you could please leave feedback here: I'd really appreciate it!!

We'll start off with the adorable Bellossom Friends plush and an adorable Pichu Kid from sorcererhuntres! This is our first Kid and I was really surprised, I didn't realize they were so small! Regardless, it's absolutely adorable and I know I'm going to want more Kids now... :)

Next up, we have Blissey and Togepi. They're both friends plush and they're from poliwhirl. Super cute. I didn't even know there were any little Blissey plush out there! A beautiful addition to our growing pink collection~

Thanks to combustion__ for this great condition Hasbro Jigglypuff! She's super cute and you'd have no idea she's as old as she is. She fits in perfectly with my olds Hasbro Squirtle and Eevee!

We also got this awesome Weavile Pokedoll from minhimalism~ It's even cuter than I imagined. But pretty intimidating at the same time..if you get what I mean? Haha

Some pencils and an electric toothbrush from the local farmers'/flea market! I don't know why the pencils are all taped shut, but I don't mind, they were pretty cheap. They seem to always restock the stuff too, so hopefully next time I go, they'll have a Jigglypuff topper!

Also, a few wants! I'd love to hear if anyone has any Jynx or Smoochum merchandise for sale! I'm not looking for anything super expensive, but as they're two of my favorite Pokemon, I'd love to at least have something of them!
A Smoochum Pokedoll is sort of a grail for now, but any Smoochum plush would be AMAZING!
I'm not 100% sure we wanna buy anything right now, but I'd love to see what you have for sale~

Also if anyone has the talking Hasbro Togepi for sale, I've been looking for one all over. I used to have one when I was younger but I don't know what happened to it and it was my all time favorite toy! If you have one you're willing to give up, I'd love to hear from you too~
This one~ 

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