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Charm Update, Meme, and Wants

Charms from the one and only denkimouse. No ticket, but the charms are gorgous. There was also a cute little pokemon center pikachu bag that I've decided to hang on my wall. :3
And now for pics of the charms! :D

Now for those individual shots!

I love the poses they're in! <3 Swampert looks like he is scaring someone, Marshtomp is like "Suprise!", and Mudkip is just cute. X3 and Raikou looks amazing in his dashing pose!

So heres my meme for you, do you prefer using your charm on bags, cling em together, hang them up, or do you like to keep it minty fresh in its package? I keep mine in their packaging, since I'm afraid of damaging them or loosing them. XD I also think they look really good in their original packaging! :3

Also, does anybody have these for sale or are willing to part with?

-Buneary pokedoll MWT
Image is from Usakochan. Hope it's alright, if not I will take it down right away!

-Shinx pokedoll ( butt-tag )

Edit: These would be a lovely addition to my collection as well! XD
-Luxray kid

-Mismagius pokedoll
Tags: charms, marshtomp, mudkip, raikou, swampert
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