Jan (poliwhirl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

OMG GRAIL .... x2!!! (+ wants)

Soo.. I got back home today, and this package I have been waiting for finally arrives...... ;u;!!!

Yay The 2006 Turtwig Canvas! I think it is by far the BEST Turtwig plush ever made ;o; It's sooooo detailed and everything's perfect!

... and it doesn't face plant! xP

Cute little Tag <3 I really love the old Pokemon Canvas Tags!

Eeeeeeeee look at his cute little tail <3 I really love how this is done ;o;
TBH I was really disappointed when I got my new 2011 Turtwig Canvas, since the tail. is just two piece of fabric glued together ._.


Now's my GRAIL # 2

I got this on Saturday!

He looks ordinary you say?

Look again at another angle!

It's a Christmas Turtwig Pokedoll ;o;!! I saw this on Y!J a while ago while doing my daily turtle search, I was expecting loads of competition for him but the competition wasn't THAT big, so I got him for a pretty good price. (Well, it's not that good after all the deputy/ shipping fees but still... believe it or not he's cheaper than my 2006 turtwig canvas xP)

Look at this lovely cute Ribbon <3

So ya... that sums up my GRAILS <3 And yes, the Christmas Turtwig is... much bigger than I originally expected O_O

And yep, these are my happy Naeto plushes :D

On the Contrary, all my Naeto figures, that seem very... angry :x (No joke... seriously they are all figures I have, I think I kinda need a change to these >u> ) 

Thanks so much for reading!


Now to my Naetoru wants <3 Please help me expand my collection!

- Oversized Turtwig Pokedoll
- Mini Turtwig Pokedoll (I can't believe I kept missing them in recent sales post ;o;)
- American Turtwig Pokedoll MWT: Not the highest want so hoping to get him for $15 + shipping
1:1 Turtwig plush
- Mystery Dungeon Turtwig Plush MWT 
- Pokecen (?) Turtwig
- PMD Turtwig figure

Please let me know how much you want if you are selling, or if you prefer, I am also more than happy to trade with things from my sales post. I also have a MWT japanese Cut Rotom Pokedoll and an American Manaphy pokedoll (tush tag only) that I am willing to trade too! Just FYI, for trades though, I am located in Hong Kong ^^;

Tags: collection, turtwig, wanted
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