JujuFox (jujufox) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Jumbo Promo JR Victini Card and CREEPY eBay story...

I got the super-special-awesome oversized JR promo Victini card in the mail this morning! It came with extras.... creepy extras. First up on the left I got 5 different card sleeves: Elesa with two Emoglas, trainer badges, Umbreon and Espeon, Charizard, and N getting ready to throw down! I also got a candy called Black Thunder... not sure if I want to eat it.

Then I got that brown envelope with a note inside. Can anyone please translate that? I don't read moonspeak EDIT: Thanks everyone! I showed my husband and now he tells me: "I'm going to call you nothing but jurietto-sama from now on" XP

And now for the creepy part... the letter...

This is what the letter says:
Dear Juliette, thank you for successful bid. I thank for your having purchased an item from me. Please do not hesitate to contact me if the items which you are looking for cannot be found. I find any items for you.

At this point everything is normal. This is something I would put into an order if I had some extra time, or if you buy something from me here I like to add a little note and be friendly too... but read on...

It is a dream that I make friends with the person in the world by eBay. I want to know world various things. I respect that it was related by eBay with you. Please add a Japanese friend into your friend. I would like to speak about you and various things in email after this. If good, please send e-mail to me.
(then he put a sticker photo of himself at the bottom holding a fan with the symbolic red Japanese sun on it)

>__> Ummmm okay... this is not how normal people make friends on the internet. I know because I have made quite a few friends on the internet over the years, some I've met up with in real life! This.... this creeps me out. I shouldn't judge, but he looks like a total creeper. I feel so bad though. I don't know what to do other than leave him some positive feedback and forget about it. Anyone want a Japanese friend?

Oh and since I'm here don't forget to check out Slowpoke sales! All I have are TCG cards and TCG online codes right now. :P
Tags: cards, sales, victini
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