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Re-intro and MASSIVE collection update

Hello again, pkmncollectors!  It's been a while.  As you may have guessed, and a few of you know, I've been picking up more and more Mewtwo items, a few of which would definitely count as holy grails here.  I've been biding my time, waiting for what I consider the "right" time to post my update - none other than Mewtwo's birthday (February 6th in in-game canon) would suffice.

(Be warned - EXTREMELY image-heavy!)

Mewtwo Bell Plush - picked up here a long time ago, with one heck of a bidwar on it if I remember correctly.  I still haven't seen too many of these pop up anywhere.

Mewtwo books and comics I've picked up one place or another.  The pencil board is a rarity; the press kit in the upper left was rare but they've been showing up on eBay more and more.

A couple of binders, nothing particularly rare but the latter currently holds all of my Mewtwo cards at the moment.  (Though that will'll see why later in the update.)

Speaking of which, here are all the cards I've picked up.  Yes, I know I need to get the new Mewtwo EX; kinda waiting to see if I can get lucky with packs or just otherwise not pay $80-90 a piece.  There is one card that's not shown'll be shown much, much later.

Here are two fat cats that would not get out of the way while everything was being photographed.

Coins, marbles, and other small trinkets.  There was a period of time where every visit to Y!J yielded a few new metal coins, like in the top row.

Some custom works done over the years.  A Mewtwo hoodie, and a few airbrushed pieces from Air2Art (now Air Too Fly) - and they'll be doing a fair bit of work later on for me on some Mewtwo-related things...some I hope to be able to show off here and elsewhere this year.

Some other customs; a coupple of Anthrocon conbadges, drawings on envelopes and other things done from previous LJ purchases, and an extremely well-done dogtag by honestboris.  (We'll be referring to him a good few times in these updates :D)

This is from the year Nintendo knew what they were doing and had Mewtwo as the Pokemon World Championships mascot in 2006.  A fairly hard find, but lucky enough to snag this at a reasonable price.  (Sadly, there's a slight separation in some of the fabric, so it'll need a little repair work.)

Some VHS and DVDs. Picked up the Mastermind DVD for $1 at a flea market.

Sorry for the length on this one, but it needed the detail.  The vast collection of Mewtwo figurines, including a pair of zukan, a good number of the tiny metal ones (mostly from Y!J),

I had this labeled as "dupes" in my folder, so everything here must be a double of something already pictured above.

If it relates to food, it's here (with one exception.)  The gumball machine I vastly overpaid for; the bendy straw I was retarded lucky to get as cheap as I did.  The candy dispenser was another overexpenditure on my part, if I remember correctly but I had the money so screw it, lol.

So many hats...I kinda screwed up the top one in the 3rd row by letting it go through the wash before they started making hats machine washable.  Still mad about that.  But I just end up wearing the Pokemon Organized Play ones in the left row anyway.

HOLY ****ING GRAILPOST #1 of this collection update.

Mewtwo umbrella - only ever seen two of 'em.  (Honestboris has the other.)
Cufflinks - only ever seen once in my life, and I had to get someone else to bid it up just so it would meet the seller's reserve, just so they'd be willing to sell them!  ($30 well spent; if I'm ever in a situation where I need to wear a suit requiring cufflinks, they'll be getting used.)
Sunglasses - only ever seen them show up maybe 2 or 3 times.
ANA boarding passes seem to be a dime a dozen over on Y!J but on eBay they're not that common and still command a good price.
...the real standout here is the TRIPLES of the Pokemon Center Mewtwo wine glasses.  Not a single one of these has come cheap, though I did luck out and get one for $51

Some NIB stuff that's going to stay that way, including doubles.

Keyrings, keychains, lanyards...there's a major update to this image that'll show up further down in this collection post.

Big enough to warrant its own photo.

Official shirts and other wearables.  The big ones here are the world championship t-shirts (purple = earned by a player, yellow = volunteer)...and of course the pair (one sealed) of Pokemon-151 Mewtwo shirts.  Glad I got these when I did; it's nearly impossible to find one now, let alone one in the largest size (and Japanese sizes run small, so you kinda need the XL if you hope to wear it in the US!)

Lol, ridiculously cheap bulk pencil auction.  That's why I have no qualms about using a couple of them.

Another bulk auction resulted in a good number of the pins up above.  The ones I have massive quantities of ARE available for trade, but the ones I only have a couple of I've got to hang on to.

Plushes of all shapes and sizes.  So many rare things here...the 36 inch Play by Play plush, a pair of Mewtwo UFO plush, a pair of Mewtwo DX UFO plush, a TRIO of Mewtwo Backpacks, one of which has had its straps and zipper removed to be done up as a big plush...a reversible Mewtwo plush, two other versions of Mewtwo UFO catcher plushes...

...but the masterpiece of this sub-collection has to be the whopping SIXTEEN Paki Paki Posable Mewtwo plushes.

Various settei I've picked up from early on in Mewtwo's involvement in the series.

A few stampers and rollers.

Stamps, and a few other flats.

Even after trading off quadruples of some of them, I've still got dubs and trips of some of the tins.  Managed to pick up one of the World Championship deckboxes as well.

I'd like to thank Cheshire-Kat for her contributions, namely the first towel, stained as it may be.  It gets regular use when honestboris and I are together and decide to go to Sandcastle.

This is most of my "base" collection.  Within the last 6-8 months though, I've had a few updates:

New flats, including an incredibly cheap ANA boarding pass at only -100 yen-!

I should have picked up one of these long, long ago.  Finally pulled the trigger at 1,100 yen.

Another steal, at 2,000 yen for the set.

I'll never be small enough to fit into these, but Mewtwo merch is Mewtwo merch.

A Mewtwo/Dusknoir fan comic.  Don't know why I picked this up, or even what they're saying.

Mewtwo is Watching You...x2!

For the longest time, these were $150-200+ on Amazon.  Then suddenly a few appeared at one time, and I snagged a pair while they were still relatively cheap.  $25 for one and $55 for the other, and the $25 one was mint!  (The $55 one nearly so.)

First movie commemorative pins.  Apparently these are more common than I thought, but at the time it was rare enough to warrant its own pic.

From my understanding, this is one of the original voice acting scripts that was used with the Japanese production of the first movie.  (I'd like to thank denkimouse for giving me a pretty good idea that this was legitimate, and that was indeed what it was so I could go ahead and pull the trigger on this at 20,000 yen.)  If that is indeed what this is, it definitely qualifies as a holy grail...but my grailposts aren't done for this re-intro yet!

Notice something a little bit off?  This is one of what I understand is only two copies of the world in which this promo was mis-stamped in the wrong corner.  I happened to work a deal with someone on FA who had the second known copy - and from my understanding, they are also still a member here.  If there was ever a "dance around the room upon opening a piece of mail" occasion, this was it!

Getting near the home stretch here...

The Pokemon Center figure was a gift from honestboris; the sealed Applause was too cheap to pass up.

Got a few new hats.  All of which were ridiculously cheap, listed by the same seller at the same time.  I don't remember a single one going over $6.

The sealed bank pales in comparison to the World Championships binder.  One hell of a bidwar on it, one that even dwarfed the bidwar on the Bell Plush way back in the day.

I happened to catch a Mewtwo towel on a Buy it Now one day, a mint version of the one I picked up from Chesh.  Now I have one to use and one to keep tucked away!

I asked the seller of the Pokemon lanyard sets on eBay if he'd be willing to work something with me for just the Mewtwo ones.  I bought 48 because they were so ridiculously cheap.  Anyone that happens to run into me at AC this year and identifies themself as a member of this community can have one from me at no charge until I run out.

Also I decided to poke one of my fat cats with a few of them.

Snagged a FOURTH one of these off of Y!J a while ago.  (One of these technically belongs to honestboris; I'm just holding it for him for now because it was cheaper to have it shipped here.)  These will be pulled out whenever there comes a time in my life when it is proper to toast all that Mewtwo has done for me as a person over the last 14+ years.

Long story short - the first, as I mentioned above, I got lucky to get for $51.  Never thought I'd see one again.  Years later, one finally shows up - on a $100 Buy it Now.  Someone knows what they have.  Picked that up on honestboris's behalf, and it'll be here until he either crosses the pond permanently or he takes it home in his luggage from one of his trips over here.

Not a day later, someone else puts another set of these up with a starting bid of $5.  I offer to match the recently ended Buy it Now from the prior seller.  5 minutes later, that's done and a few days later I have my third.

The last was one hell of a fight on Y!J.  I'll probably hold off picking up any more unless they show up on some ridiculously cheap Buy it Now or something.

These will eventually be available for sale or trade.  Figured I should get a picture of 'em while I had the Mewtwo ones out.

I think that'll just about do it!...

No, wait...I think I'm forgetting something...oh yeah!

It's almost sacreligious to have two of these in one room at one time, somehow... might recognize the one on the left.  It's Glanth's - or was.  She e-mailed me one night, letting me know that for various reasons, she needed to part with him.  Negotiations followed, many an e-mail sent back and forth.  A fair bit of money, some doubles from my collection, and a large play by play plush later, and the deal was done. was mine, and yet it wasn't.  Part of the deal was that if I ever obtained another one, I would let Glanth get hers back from me, at the same cost I paid for it in total value.

...and a bit over a year we are.  One shows up on eBay, from an elderly seller who had no idea what she had until she got three separate requests to put it up on a Buy it Now, one of those mine.  So I decided "F*** IT", put in my maximum bid, and resolved not to increase it any further...didn't mean I didn't watch that auction like a hawk though.  It stayed low for the longest time...then my bid kept going up by $2.  32...34...36...38...who in the heck is trying $2 incremenetal bids over and over?  (I later found out that was mewtwohavoka - and I was quite glad to see that she got one here on the comm when lunarchik did some collection, it really felt weird watching that auction go by without a single bid past the opener.) I'm checking the auction in its final minutes.  A snipe bid comes in against mine.  I panic.  Holy crap.  5...4...3... am I seriously going to put up close to two thou--...

...and then the auction ended, at $95.14.

So here we of the pinnacles of Mewtwo collecting that I've eyed for years...and there are two of them next to one another.

(I am still a man of my word; Glanth, if you settle up with everyone on the comm, and then work things out with me, your BB will be on its way back to you.  I know that may take a while, but I promise you it'll be here waiting until the time comes.)

So this is where the last 14 years of my life have gone.  I've loved, I've lost, I've shouted for joy, I've raged with the burning of a thousand suns...but if I had to do it all over again I'd do everything just the same.

Who knows what the next 14 years will bring?

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