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Mewtwo collection update

Hello pkmncollectors,

As it is Mewtwo's birthday today, I figured this would be a good time to show my collection in full; I've picked up a good number of new items and have something special to show you all at the end!

Everything new in box.  Got lucky to snag the Pokemon Center figure in the upper right for $10 on a Buy it Now.

Smaller figures, down to the teeny tiny metal ones that mostly came from Y!J.

Metal coins and other flats.  The official currency, the $10 silver coin, is rare; I've heard there are $20 and $100 gold coins with Mewtwo on them, and hope to pick them up someday.

My cards, a good number of which came from trollingmewtwo.

Lots of Mewtwo watches.

Mewtwo stationery

Keychains, keyrings, etc.  The lanyard is quite useful.

Misc. items - the airplane and nightlights were fairly hard to find.

Worlds stuff, including a staff hat.

Other hats and handkerchiefs.  Top hat on the third row was a rare eBay find.

Other stickers and flats, including one from Pokemon Stadium.

A Mewtwo Umbrella - I've only ever seen one other, in trollingmewtwo's collection.

Some other shirts and wearables.  I have another of the Pokemon-151 shirt that I wear, and kept one sealed.

Tins and other money holders

Dinnerware (and a random mousepad.)  I have one of the Pokemon Center wine glasses, but trollingmewtwo's holding onto it for the moment.

Comics and other books

Things that came from the first movie release.  The big thing is a Pokeball that was used in stores to advertise the first movie's home release, containing a screener copy of it on VHS, as well as a book containing marketing information as to how to sell the VHS/DVDs.

Some binders and a couple other random things.  The World Championship one was a lucky find on eBay for $20.

And now for the plushes:

The Play by Plays - 12, 18, 24, and 36 inches.  I know there were a few other sizes I'm still looking for, at least one that's 30 inches.

My collection of sixteen Paki Paki posable Mewtwos.  Along with trollingmewtwo's 16, that's 32 between us; 118 away from our goal of having 150 of them.

Some other various plushes; notables are the small and large UFO plushes, the multiple colors of Banpresto, the Mewtwo backpack up above, the Bell Plush, the reversible Mewtwo plush, the white-tailed Mewtwo...and of course, the one that most of the community knows of, the Mewtwo Bath Buddy.

And now, the grand finale of this update:

This is the Mewtwo suit I have been working on for the past few years; the first two pictures taken in trollingmewtwo's room before Anthrocon 2011, and the latter at the convention with a couple other first-gen Pokemon.
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