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Mail Goods and Riolu Collection Update

As with quite a few of you, so far, I also got my package today from qubeley087. ^_^ I'm relieved to say the least. I lifted the Paypal claim right away. I also received goods from happyjolteon. :3 I love the Pokekids! Thank you! I'll leave you feedback right after I'm done posting this. Here's a pic of my ever growing Riolu collection, plus the other goods I got in the mail. :)

Tis small, I know. ^^; It will grow over time. The Riolu Pokedoll and kid, plus Darkrai are from qubeley087. :3 The three cute kids in the far right corner are from happyjolteon. ^_^ OH! I forgot to include the Riolu phone strap I got from her. ;_;
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