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A sneak peak at a package I received today!!!
And a question?

Today a package had impregnated my mailbox

And my fellow companion Munch once again helped me open to see what goods laid inside
Munch: I hope it's something edible

Emolga: AIIIIRR *Gasps*
Munch: Aww I can't eat this it's still alive!!

Emolga: Thanks for taking me out, I almost passed out *Reaches out for hug*
Munch: Yeah no problem, you wouldn't by chance have any berries on you?
Emolga: No sorry, you can't bring food on to the package security won't allow it * Still reaching out for a hug*

Emolga: OH!! I almost forgot there is another pokemon in the package
Munch: Food!! Where?
Emolga: No I said pokemon ( Man they must not feed you here)

Axew: Oh no I'm stuck!!! Help someone help me!!
Emolga: No worries I got you
Axew: I wanna live you hear me LIIIIIIVE!!

Munch: No worries man we got you *grunts while pulling*
Emolga: Okay on one two three
Axew: Please don't tear off my horn it's the only one I packed

Emolga: I think I bent my wing
Munch: I'm hungry
Axew: HEHE I'm balancing on my horn

Me: Okay everyone come on let me take a group photo, everyone say cheese
Emolga: Cheese
Axew: No smile for you
Munch: Cheese!! Where?
The End

I must say Emolga is incredibly soft but Axew isn't I wonder why?
On another note I'm getting paranoid leaving the tags on for fear of them getting bent ( stupid OCD )
So if you guys could tell me a good way to protect them or if I should just take them off and display them in a creative way?
Thanks for the feedback!

And thank you cardwhale for these awesome purchases!!

Also a comic for tickles and giggles

Ahh Dragonite you so funny ^-^

Tags: axew, charizard, charmander, dragonite, emolga, munchlax
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