Emily (papercaked) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Valentine package + much awesome

Soooo, I got my Valentine's exchange package today from irethsune! First of all, thank you SOOOO much. I love everything!

HOLY CRAP. DO YOU SEE ALL OF THOSE CARDS? DO YOU SEE. ALL OF THOSE CARDS. And all of the figures and Jirachi plushies! WEEEEEE! The Tomy Jirachi will be replacing my fixer upper! :D

And the Litwick kid, soooo cute. I love everything!!

I've successfully fallen in love with Japanese TCG. There goes all of my money! >.> The newer cards are my favorite. irethsune sent me almost all rares or holos, thank you so much!!

I told myself I wouldn't collect Japanese TCG - too late. The artwork is so beautiful. x.x And, these will go great with my 692+ cards from vulpixlover!

LOOK AT THEM. All English, and I absolutely love them! This helped me so much with some of my older sets. I'm nearly done organizing them in binders :3 I got extras, too!

;-; Everything was packaged so nicely, and the cards were in order! vulpixlover, thank you SO much. You're the best!!

Also, questions about a Japanese Piplup Pokedoll (trade from vaporeonxlover!)

The date on the tush tag says 2008, but the hang tag says 2006. Piplup's beak is a little off, too (that could just be because I'm picky). It might just be the Japanese design (in that case, I like the American version more! x]). And is it normal for Pokedolls to faceplant?

Are all Japanese pokedolls colored differently from the American? Here's the American one that I had (but no longer in my posession):

What do you guys think?

And I'm due for a collection update! Once all my cards are organized and I clear out some space on my shelves, I'll make a post. ^_^ Thanks for reading!
Tags: arcanine, cards, growlithe, jirachi, litwick, piplup, plush
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