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Mini Collection Update

I haven't gotten much new stuff, but might as well share what I've got! :D

First off, I got this a while ago back when they were first on Sunyshore.. but since I haven't made an update since then (and the world needs MOAR UMBREON):

The newest Umbreon kid! :D Yay! Gettting this totally made my week when I got it.It's so cute. :3

More recently (as in, today), I got the 10th Anniversary figure thingywhatsits. I went in on the set with two other people and we split the cost evenly amongst us. Being a Dark-type collector, of course I snagged Darkrai for myself.

And I also chose Entei, just because for the nearly $20-ish I paid, I wanted at least two figures out of the lot and Entei was the only other one I liked in this set. XD He's awesome, though. Though those little grey wing-y things on his side were the hardest things to put on him.. they would. not. stay. D: I got it in the end, though. :D

AND. When my friend sent me those two, she also included two surprises! First.. a handmade Umbreon figure, made out of sculpey! :D Shown here with Umbreon kid for size reference. And she pained his rings with glow paint, so his rings really glow in the dark! How nifty! XD

And.. a Castform. I'm well documented for spewing hatred about the little guy (all in good fun, of course). So, when she told me she was sending a surprise with the package (she meant the Umbreon, I'm sure).. I jokingly told her that if it was a giant Castform plush I'd have to hit her. XD And I guess that's when she decided to make sculpey!Castform, here. I have to admit.. he's pretty cute (tell no one I said this). Excuse the slightly bad picture. It looked fine on the viewfinder. :x

That's all I have to update. I don't have a want list set up yet (laaaazy), but I am looking for the older Umbreon kid. It and the Eevee/Espeon/Umbreon zukan are my two grail items at the moment, and they are wanted quite badly. Other than those, I'm also keeping my eye out for other Dark-type stuff (specifically kids and zukan, with Tyranitar, Houndour/doom, Absol, Poochy/Mightyena and Sneasel/Weavile taking priority over other Dark-types). :3
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