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Collection Update~

I got everything I was waiting for in the mail today, so that means an update! I also updated the crap out of my weebly site, so check it out if you want!

Also, I need an opinion on this: should I change my site to a .net? I'm debating it, but I'm not sure if it really has a ring to it. Would it be easier for people to remember?

Anyway, updates under the cut!

First up:

My new Pichu Brother plush! SOSOSOSOSO cute! If I had more money, I'd REALLY want to start collecting these two! I actually have a secret love for the Pichu Bros. My ultimate goal is to have a 1:1 Tufty Pichu. I never make it to the sale on time! @_@

If you remember my mystery Pichu bag from my last post, I did decide to make him into a Tufty Pichu(I decided to do it since it can be easily removed and someone would have to offer me a heck of a lot of cash to give this guy up anyway. I've had him since I was like 6 years old)

Size comparison(the Pichu Bros. are about the size of a Pokedoll.)

Close-Up of my Pichu's sweet new hairdo:

All he needs is new backpack straps(he is a bag after all) and he'll be ready to hit the town!

Next is my new adorable Chillarmy plush made by pancakelulu! :D I don't get custom plush very often so I'm very happy to have this one!

And an update:
Some of you may remember my poor moldy Pikachu
(full story here:
Here is where this poor guy(now named Lemons) is now:

He hangs out above my bed in my shelves looking pretty and smelling of cleaning products.
There's more on that story on my weebly~

Now it's time for charms!

I was too late to sign up for the first run of wave 2 charms, so I bought these two cuties from Hardrock Pokemon(I had a 10% off coupon I had been wanting to use anyway. I also have another one that I don't plan on using this month. The code is LEAFY2 for anyone interested in it.) I like to wear them both as a necklace!

More Pair Pikachu stuff! I wish I could've bought absolutely everything from that promo! SO cute! I don't know what I'm going to use these for. Maybe I'll use them when I get a new nicer phone that is worthy of such cute charms!

I also got the tail set:

They're much bigger than I thought they'd be! They're super soft and I love them! And yes, I did cut the original packaging(It wouldn't fit on my wall otherwise. Plus, I can use the cutouts as bookmarks.) Part of me wants to troll my boyfriend by giving him the male Pikachu tail, and the collector in me wants to hoard them both for myself. I think I'm going to hoard them. I don't think I could stand seeing just one without the other. xD

Here's a close-up of the cute charm that came with the tail:

Lastly, I finally caved and got this Oshawott Wi-Fi strap! I don't regret it one bit! He's adorable!

That's all for this update~ Have a good night everyone. :D
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