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Guess what time it is?

That's right! It's intro post time! *sparkle glitter shine*

My name's Nicole (batblush) and I've been lurking pkmncollectors for a while, but I haven't gotten up the courage to post...I've loved pokemon since I was really young, probably when the anime aired, and I'm almost 18 now. I play the online TCG and have just begun to build a deck irl to play with my boyfriend, who's been playing for years. I also have recently started collecting plushes, which I loooove! My goal is to have a nice eeveelution collection with a focus on Leafeon (probably my favorite!) as well as a good collection of Swoobats/Woobats and of the Chandelure evolutionary line (my other favorites, haha). Although I should add, it's hard for me to pick and choose...I love them all so much, regardless of generation! Sinnoh is my favorite region, and Snowpoint City is my favorite city. I hope I can make lots of friends here, thank you for reading my introduction! :3

Now for some pictures of my (small but growing) plush collection~

Everybody says "Hello, new friends!" <3

This is my canvas Jirachi, Wish, and Baby, my Pokemon Center pokedoll Woobat. (The other Woobat is a Jakks.)

My Jakks spring Deerling, looking all glam with some stuff from Sephora~~ (sorry, it was a pic for my blog! XD)

aaaaaand last but certainly not least, my newest darling baby! <3 His name is Lumen, and he's a Pokemon Center Halloween promo Lampent~ I love his cute little pikachu lantern * w *

Anyways, thanks again for looking at my itty-bitty collection! :3 Hopefully it'll be growing much much more, so I can keep you guys updated! 

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