andrew1374 (andrew1374) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small Collection Update

Hello Everybody, 

I just wanted to share a part of my collection.
Currently, I'm waiting on a package from Noppin, and when that arrives I will do a huge collection update. My collection only consists of pokemon plush, but eventually I would like to expand into also collecting zukan and kid figures. However, right now I'm only focusing on plush.


Here's my small collection update

For some reason I like collecting plush that are really big, and I wanted to show all of my huge plushes.

As of right now my favorite plush is my 1/1 Scraggy Plush. Also, I want to thank Placetohide, nameless5555 and nagaineko for selling their plush(s) to me. Nameless5555 hosted a GA, where I won my munchlax. Placetohide sold me my gulpin plush, and nagaineko sold me my Pikachu Pokedoll DX. Again, thank you for contributing to my collection.

Thank You for reading my post...

Tags: plush
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