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Collection Update, Wants, & Poll

Hey everyone, I just realized that I have a bunch of new stuff and it's been a while since I collection updated ;D I'm proud to say I made some really good progress with my shuppet collection and I can't believe I'm keeping up with the candle line merch! =;w;= Anyways, come have a look!

Chandelure Kids Figure! First official figure is win >3 I actually have two because a friend of mine had gotten me one for christmas after I already ordered it =;v;= I might paint the one I bought shiny colors....but I don't know yet.

Duskull battrio from hardrock and pog from lissie ;3 I was surprised that the battrio wasn't more sparkly...but it still looks cool!

Duskull Magnet! =>w<= I was going to buy it on y!j but then it turned up in someone's sales, so I jumped right on that xD

DUSKULL CHARM!!!! from gin's run :3 notice how it's NOT stuck to a volbeat? ;D notice how AWESOME it is by itself? Yeahhhhh, I was super psyched for this charm before it came out and was in my hands xD;;

omg. the amazing phoenixfoxx offered me this! I was so excited and she even sent me a christmas card with it =;w;= yay! It's so tiny and amazing and adorbles and I love it =;v;=

metal giratinas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they're so tiny and precious and I'm so glad I was able to get some of them =;w;= they came from the GA me and jadekitty777 ran.

Shuppet keshipoke! I thought that when this came out it was kinda random, but then I saw the movie the keshipoke set went with and I was collecting shuppet when I saw the movie, so it made more sense and I was happy to see shuppet get more stuff xD I got it from hardrock ;D

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! this charm =*w*= It's just too precious for words! From gin's run.

Metal coins I didn't even know existed =0_o;= I found them randomly searching for shuppet stuff. Sui_kune was nice enough to hold them for me till her next sales as the post I came by was kinda old =0w0= I love both of them =>w<=

Movie puffy sticker :3 I was actually really lucky that I found this xD; I was having a tough time bringing it up on the regular auction sites and stumbled across it on hardrock :DDD So stoked that I found it =;w;=

banette dex charm from gin's run! I was really glad they didn't recycle the art from the halloween charm =;w;=

2009 Pokemon center ghost notebook from the halloween promotion! Cytric you are my hero =;w;= This notebook is so amazing and throughout the pages are tons of little shuppets! *sniffles* This is so gorgeous I just...I... =;w;= [I can't stop staring at it honestly xD]

Wingull charm! =;w;= It's so adorable, aside from shuppet, this charm is totally the cutest out of the bunch I ordered! It's been so long since I've seen something new come out for wingull! This charm completes my wingull collection =;w;= [I do believe there isn't anything wingull I don't have, with the exception of flats.]

battrio from jadekitty777! It's kinda sad wingull only got one, but I can totally understand the logic/I don't need wingull to have more than one xD;;

Steelix battrio and pog both from jadekitty777! I really like the pog, i think I saw it maybe once and just never again lol so yay pog :3

onix battrios! I'm still missing half, but I'll get the rest some day lol

And for the poll I mentioned; I'm doing some crochet plush auctions soon! I'd like people's opinions on what they'd like to see ;D

Soooooooo...Which pokemon should I crochet for my auctions? If there's a pokemon you want to vote for but you don't see it, let me know and I'll take it into account with the poll ;)
Which Pokemon Should I Crochet for Auctions?
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As for my wants, I've redone my list so if anyone knows the whereabouts of these items, let me know! ;D

~Steelix Metal Swing
~Steelix Thinkchip
~Duskull UFO
~Duskull/Pichu 5th Movie Sticker Holder
~Shuppet Retsuden Stamper
~Shuppet Metal Figures
~Halloween Sticker Sheet
~Giratina Movie Charm set B
~Gold & Copper Metal Giratina
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