doctoreevee (doctoreevee) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My first collection post!

So this is my first collection post! Since I started out with just my little custom bulba/ivy/venusaur a little while ago, after some fervent collecting (possibly a little obsessively...) to the disappointment of my bank account I now have a collection! WOO! Mostly plushies at the moment since I can't resist them pretty much EVER...But anyway to the disappointment of my husband...

I know some of them are booties now, didn't really know that much in the beginning but I'm learning! Thanks to everyone that I've bought from even those that I haven't received (silly floods holding up my pokemon!) I love them all ^.^ Full collection!
Especially this little bootie who I think is hilarious, but that could just be that I have a cold and he's the newest with the bulbasaur.Pikachu coloured Raichu...He's a pikachu...but he's got a raichu tail...I have to decide where to put him in the collection hence he's on his own right now...

Thanks for looking! And thanks for being awesome guys ^.^ I love this community <3
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